SMARTGOV - How can we, as Sovereign World Citizens, Govern our World?

Arthur Kanegis & Garry Davis

Rather than fight existing omnicidal political systems, Garry Davis who Bucky called “the New World Man,” leads with Arthur Kanegis our team to create a new model, a wiki-like, sustainable, cybernetic, Bucky-inspired (, syntegrated system of interactive local/Global governance designed to coalesce the highest and best wisdom of humanity.

Describe the critical need your solution addresses.

It’s not for lack of scientific ingenuity that we’ve failed to solve our crucial social/environmental challenges (as BFI’s ingenious proposals demonstrate!). It’s because we’re trying to run so complex a system as a planet with no unified operating system. 193 clashing governing units are relics of horse-and-buggy days. Our planet will descend into system collapse unless humanity takes the helm.
If we, the people, have the right to institute new government, (US Declaration of Independence) then there is a critical need for us to bypass old broken political systems and institute a new beyond-politics global governing system. Given the repressive and dysfunctional nature of current political systems, there is a critical need to protect human rights and humanity’s very survival by inventing a Syntegrated SmartGov operating system that incorporates both cybernetic-feedback and inter-personal technologies to bring “Earthian’s” highest and best wisdom to the task of governing our world – both locally and globally – Glocally!
Dr Takamora, creator of Tangible Earth said it’s “so important that we engage our creative imagination and design "social-ware" to shape our world by each of us acting as a "global sensor," a functional part of the global neural network.”

Explain your initiative in more depth and its stage of development.

WHAT. World Citizens create government truly of, by & for the people of Earth.
HOW. SMARTGOV launches as an interactive mobile app.
Executive Branch: Ceremonial wisdom-keepers.
Legislature: E-Congress explained previously:,
Judicial: WORLD Court of Human & Ecological Earth-wide Rights (World-CHEER). Since law is key to SOCIAL order, Garry & Arthur attended World Judiciary Summit in India. Chief justices & legal experts from 60 countries unanimously resolved "for the enactment of world law." CHEER will launch as a Court TV show with distinguished judges & a public jury. Anyone can serve at entry level, then study UDHR, global issues, facts of cases, etc. to pass tests which, combined with peer interactions, ratings & indicators of good citizenship, advance weight of their opinions. Enforcing World Law against human rights violators & ecological devastators is key to saving humanity.
WHERE. Planetwide (administrative office: Washington DC & San Diego)
IMPACTED: Couples whose marriage is not recognized due to discriminatory laws, undocumented babies denied birth certificates & thousands of stateless refugees have been liberated by our World documents. Future impact: an empowered global citizenry.
INSPIRATION & EVOLUTION - shown in short at: See roughcut of full documentary: Private password in source #1
ECONOMIC: Our team is designing innovative kilowatt-based currency system designed to unleash untapped talents worldwide.
TECHNOLOGICAL: Global Sensing Satellites, SmartCar/roads, SmartGENI, & other Cybernetic feedback systems will aggregate local fragmentary information into a planetary neural network. Autofeedback will be given conscious choice and heart-felt direction by dynamic interpersonal live interaction, thus assuring the well-being of each & all.
VISION spreads. With new whole-system tools, people outlaw war & channel corporate power into solar, wind and renewable resources to create jobs, prosperity & a healthy planet.

How does your strategy and approach respond creatively and comprehensively to key issues?

The World Parliament Experiment (WPE) envisions a fully democratic world, in which everybody takes part. However, it is still stuck in politics, in old concepts of majority rule and voting with winners and losers. Humans are so much more than a vote. We’re inventing a much more interactive, sensing, dynamic system of taping into the pulse-beat of humanity -- evolving a higher consensus on principles, followed by multiplicity in application to accommodate the huge diversity of needs and cultures. The kind of law that protects human rights with police in one locale may be better fulfilled by grandmothers in another culture.

Metagovernment is a global community of people working on numerous projects to develop internet tools to enable collaborative governance. We expect to draw skilled participants from this fabulous resource base – and to work with them in the evolution of their concepts. What we have is a dramatic story, movie, framework, and established offices to propel this kind of thinking into the broader culture.