EarthOS 1.0 GAME - A 3D virtual world in which Players Wiki-Govern Earth & Design the Future of their Cooperative Dreams

Arthur Kanegis, President, Future WAVE (Working for Alternatives to Violence Through Entertainment)

Develop a wiki-like participatory self-correcting system of governance which draws out and amalgamates the highest and best wisdom of humanity, based on Bucky’s concepts (see our Work with game designers to model, beta test and evolve it into a simulated world (like SecondLife). Popularize it into a societal meme.

Describe the critical need your solution addresses.

Youth see a world brilliant enough to create utopia yet dumb enough to self destruct. Puzzling… On their computers, an operating system governs, freeing programs to operate without conflicting and crashing. Yet humanity lacks an OS. 192 clashing governing units claim absolute sovereignty. Is it any wonder we face system collapse?

Explain your initiative in more depth and its stage of development.

Earthians, as Bucky called us, will play at governing our planet according the world-design concepts Bucky envisioned (see
Now in team-building stage, top futurists, game designers and young people will design and play out a dynamic, web-enabled, bio-mimicking, open-source cybernetic system of governance that is Glocal (global & local) participatory, interactive, creative and wise. Google like algorithms & Wikipedia-like co-creation will enable a world of people to interact and elevate the best solutions for saving our planet.
While everyone’s input will count, for much greater impact players will join SYNCON (Synergistic Convergence) Syntegrity groups in which Earthians on opposite sides of issues engage in creative conflict-engagement processes to identify common goals, match needs and resources, and come to common ground. Like vortexes on Bucky’s geodesic sphere, each player is on top, yet the dynamic tension of their interactions strengthen the whole.
The more a player studies an issue, interacts with opposite viewpoints, aligns with fundamental world law, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the higher their impact score for helping to shape wise world legislation. Decisions made in the game world can impact civil society as players take their decisions out into their schools, organizations and community groups.

How does your strategy and approach respond creatively and comprehensively to key issues?

Quietly, without fanfare or recognition of its potential, a new planetary operating system is already unfolding. Right now, it doesn’t look like government – it looks like villagers Googling to find micro loans, activists you-tubing police-abusers, NGOs e-conferencing climate solutions, and people working on the same page in Wikipedia. Every time we enter cyberspace we step into a new space beyond the boundaries of nation-states, into evolving a neural network of humanity. See

Barack Obama said of touring Google's search room:

"The image was mesmerizing, more organic than mechanical, as if I were glimpsing the early stages of some accelerating evolutionary process, in which all the boundaries between men - nationality, race, religion, wealth - were rendered invisible and irrelevant, so that the physicist in Cambridge, the bond trader in Tokyo, the student in a remote Indian village, and the manager of a Mexico City department store were drawn into a single, constant, thrumming conversation, time and space giving way to a world spun entirely of light." – From Audacity of Hope.

National leaders, even Obama, stand powerless to make peace or stop global warming because they’re on the wrong civic level, stuck in a horse-and-buggy political system that makes them responsible to the part - not the whole. Yet humanity has invented a system which makes peace within nations – law. When all give their sovereignty to a single government, wars cease. The way to evolve world law powerful enough to be able to outlaw war and stop environmental omnicide is to evolve that “conversation” into a world government making world law -- drawing it’s authority from the sovereign will of human kind. Let our youth be the Jeffersons and Madisons of a new world inventing a new beyond-politics governance system capable of handling today’s social, economic, ecological and technological imperatives.